Monday, November 9, 2009

Women Have Arrived…

We’re all the rage. Just pick up any business journal or life style publication and you’ll see why; as managers, executives and entrepreneurs, women are taking over as leaders in the corporate world. But what these articles don’t say is that it isn’t any different at home. In many households today, women are acting as the Chief Health Officer (CHO) and taking on the difficult job of managing their family’s health care.

I was recently appointed CEO of UnitedHealthcare’s Pennsylvania region, and nothing could have better prepared me for this role than my experience as the CHO of my own family’s health care. One of my three children was born with a serious health problem that has required seven delicate surgeries, so I have spent more than twenty years managing difficult decisions on both sides of the health care system.

As both a CEO and CHO, I know that keeping up with a family’s health care is a challenging job for any woman. Thankfully, UnitedHealthcare has launched an innovative new online community called Source4Women that has the tools a busy woman needs to simplify and personalize health care decisions.

The website has comprehensive information on health, wellness and disease management along with tips, checklists and support groups tailored for women at different stages of their lives. Interactive resources make everyday tasks like finding a doctor, keeping track of expenses and making healthier lifestyle choices easier with everything from physician ratings to recipes to open forums with health care experts.

Most importantly, Source4Women is a place where we, as CHOs and CEOs, can go to share our stories and show support. It’s an incredible challenge to make the right health care decisions for yourself and your family and we can learn a lot from each other’s experiences. That’s why I want to hear how other women are tackling the issues of health care today while also managing to move ahead in the business world. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments as fellow family health care gurus, and join the community at

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