Monday, January 4, 2010

Know what that medical procedure is going to cost

I just found out about another super-cool web-based tool that UnitedHealthcare is offering people in our health insurance plans that can make it easier to manage health care and health care costs.

It’s called a Treatment Cost Estimator and it can analyze data on hundreds of medical services, including 116 diseases and 3,000 prescriptions to help consumers estimate the potential cost of treatment. The Treatment Cost Estimator pinpoints fees for treatments and procedures specific to individual network physicians and geographic areas. It also shows real-time calculations of what their insurance will cover, including deductible balances and potential out-of-pocket costs. The Treatment Cost Estimator is particularly useful if someone is considering several treatment options.

UnitedHealthcare is now making the Treatment Cost Estimator available to all our members, striking another blow for simplicity and transparency in health care!

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