Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ESync shows that better information can help people make better decisions which result in better health care.

In my last blog entry, I talked about the UnitedHealthcare position that by providing better information we can help people make better decisions which result in better health care.

One example of what I mean is a new UnitedHealthcare program called eSync.

ESync is a new technology platform that helps us build a detailed health portrait of each person we serve and then deliver customized health care management solutions directly to them. eSync allows us to combine a wide range of health data, like medical claims, health and lifestyle choices, and demographic factors, and turn it into a practical blueprint that helps people improve their daily lives. eSync lets us offer people effective, personalized care plans – based on their actual needs.

It’s really a simple concept that connects well to what UnitedHealthcare believes: eSync makes it easier for the people we serve to take action and live healthier lives. ESync helps them find the right care, see the right provider, take the right medication, and live the right lifestyle. Based on the data that eSync crunches and manages, we may send the patient:
• Background information about an upcoming medical procedure

• A reminder to schedule an annual exam

• Tips on starting an exercise plan

In each case the outreach is based on the actual needs of individuals.

ESync also gives us the capability to offer proactive outreach for high-risk members. We know they are high risk because the platform pulls together information like claims data, health assessments and referrals from other programs. One of our personal care consultants can then reach out and offer these members a chance to participate in programs specifically designed to reduce their health risk.

ESync helps our members get engaged in healthier lifestyles for a better quality of life, something we all strive for.

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