Monday, January 3, 2011

Timing: Take 10 Healthy Steps to Resolution Success

Whether it’s weight loss, exercise or quitting smoking, it’s easy to discard New Year’s resolutions as quickly as the New Year’s Eve party favors. This year, however, you can set yourself up for success with these simple suggestions:
  • Consider the spirit in which your resolutions are made. If you make a resolution on a whim, you're not likely to remember it after the clock strikes midnight.
  • Choose carefully. Make a potential list of resolutions. Choose one or two that you feel are most important. Balance a difficult resolution with one that will be easier to keep.
  • Take baby steps. Small changes over time can add up to big results. To exercise more, simply start by stretching during TV commercials. To eat healthier, begin by eating a piece of fruit every day after work. To clear clutter, set aside 15 minutes a day to organize your files.
  • Get it on paper. Jot down the steps you'll take to reach your resolution and include a timeline.
  • Enlist a friend. Knowing that you’re accountable to someone other than yourself for that morning walk can help keep you on track.
  • Complete the resolution in your mind’s eye. Visualize your resolution coming to life. See the positive impact it will have.
  • Be patient. Major changes take time, energy and dedication. These changes won’t happen overnight.
  • Reward yourself for the resolutions you’ve kept. Treat yourself to something special, such as fresh flowers, a good book or a massage.
  • Look for ways to keep your resolutions fresh. If your resolution is to eat healthier, don't bring the same boring salad for lunch every day. Try a new dish once a week to spice up your diet.
  • Focus on yourself. The changes are yours to make, and the rewards are yours to enjoy!
We wish you all a very happy and healthy 2011!


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