Friday, September 21, 2012

Sounds Like a Plan; And Then Some

A veteran staffer in her 50s with two grown children, a married woman in her mid-30s with three children under age 10 and a single 20-something bachelor, all working for the same small business is quite typical in today’s diverse workplace. What’s also typical is the narrow choice of health benefit options they have to choose from. Until now.  On October 1st, small business employees in the state of Pennsylvania will join small business employees in twenty-three other states who can choose from up to 30 different health plans to meet their diverse health care needs.

UnitedHealthcare’s Multi-Choice health plan for small businesses in Pennsylvania offers 30 different health plan design choices to employers - from comprehensive plans to just the basics. Each plan has different coverage levels, deductibles and premiums to best fit companies’ differing financial and coverage needs.

Being able to adjust premiums and deductibles allows small business employers to offer their employees choices without breaking the budget. The increased flexibility of the Multi-Choice plan actually makes health insurance more cost-effective and financially predictable, enabling small businesses to budget effectively for this important employee benefit. Providing an array of benefit options is becoming a crucial factor to meeting the affordability and cost predictability needs of small business employers while also serving the individual health care needs of their employees.

Employers can “one-stop shop” for any type of health plan they need without having to change carriers. They simply create a package of benefit designs, set the contribution level for those options, and then have each employee pick the option that best meets his or her needs. Based on the plans the employer selects, employees will have the option of buying additional coverage from their employer’s contribution level (or potentially purchasing less if they have fewer health care needs).

No matter which benefit designs employees choose, they will have access to UnitedHealthcare’s wellness and disease management programs, a 24/7 access to health advocates and a national network of more than 650,000 physicians and 5,000 hospitals. Small businesses also have the opportunity to combine the UnitedHealthcare Multi-Choice package with numerous specialty benefits, including dental, life disability and vision.

In the age of reform, health insurance is truly becoming more personalized. Companies are beginning to realize that the plan that keeps the bottom line healthy is the same one that will keep their employees healthy. Plans like Multi-Choice are taking workplace flexibility to a whole new level, with positive results for employees’ overall well-being.


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