Monday, August 26, 2013

Simplify your life by simplifying your health care management

Whenever I hear about something designed to make my life easier and usually, by default, much more enjoyable, I’m all for it!  Online banking, mobile apps and using a straw to remove the stems from strawberries, are a few of my favorites.  So when I heard that UnitedHealthcare launched a new online service that lets consumers pay their medical bills online, I knew what my next blog topic would be.

This completely free, secure, online electronic bill-payment service allows more than 21 million UnitedHealthcare participants nationwide to pay their medical bills online with a credit card, debit card, health savings account or bank account via the InstaMed payments network while managing their health care claims and related health care expenses on the plan participant portal

By enabling consumers to more easily monitor, manage and understand their health care expenses, people can make more informed decisions regarding their care. In fact, we have already seen many consumers catch medical billing errors by using the enhanced service. This new feature adds convenience for consumers to pay their medical bills more easily, while also helping health care providers to get paid faster and easier.

But this new service is not only blog worthy because it can make your life easier, it’s important because consumers continue to pay a larger percentage of their medical bills, according to a recent report from the American Medical Association. And in addition, a third of physician practices still do not accept credit cards, according to a recent report from SK&A Information Services.   

Designed in collaboration with InstaMed, the leading health care payments network company, the online service is available UnitedHealthcare’s entire network of physicians and other health care providers who register and receive online payments through InstaMed.  Here in Pennsylvania, that’s over 33,000 physicians and health care professionals.

So check it out at  You’ll see that this latest innovation adds convenience and simplicity to your life.  Something I think we’re all in favor of.

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