Monday, July 28, 2014

Ron Jaworski and UnitedHealthcare volunteers built playground for Darby, PA community

Swing sets become make-shift airplanes.  A brand new tree bench can become home base for an old school game of tag. And slides are the perfect place to lie down and figure out what animal shapes the clouds resemble.

For children, a playground is far more than just a set of equipment. Playgrounds are brain-expanders, friend-makers and muscle-builders. 

That’s why UnitedHealthcare’s “Do Good. Live Well.” employee volunteer initiative teamed up with nonprofit organization Kaboom! to build a new playground for the children at Park Lane Elementary School in Darby, an urban neighborhood in Pennsylvania’s Delaware County.  In addition to over 50 UnitedHealthcare volunteers, our team of hard working builders included over 100 community members and our special hands-on helper, former quarterback and ESPN football analyst Ron Jaworski.

Ron Jaworski helping the Darby community build their new playground!

In June, we held a Design Day and asked Park Lane Elementary School students to submit drawings of their dream playgrounds.  The kids got pretty creative, and we hope the finished playground continues to inspire creativity in their play for years to come.

Dan Tropeano, Executive Director of UnitedHealthcare of Pennsylvania and Delawre helping a community volunteer.

Active, healthy play is central to a child’s ability to grow into a thoughtful, productive adult. This playground will bring more than 1,500 kids in Darby one step closer to having the physically, mentally and socially active childhood they deserve. 

Thank you to all of the volunteers from UnitedHealthcare, KaBOOM! and the Darby community!

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