Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Control the Cost of Drugs

Perhaps the fastest growing factor in health care costs is the cost of filling prescriptions. Many health insurance policies have a prescription drug benefit, but both those with and without health insurance can save money if they:

  • Select generic over brand-name drugs. Beside many brand name drugs on the shelf are equally effective and equivalent generic versions. Equal in everything but name recognition, these drugs offer the same level of quality, purity and strength as their brand-name counterparts and cost 30- to 60-percent less. Ask the pharmacist for a generic version and we can save substantially on our prescription medications.
  • Mail it in and split it. Prescriptions delivered via the postal mail vs. buying them at retail locations may help reduce drug co-pays and even offer a 90-day instead of 30-day supply. Or consider pill splitting. By following the doctor’s instructions and using a special device to split and take only half of a pill prescribed at double the dose each time, we can save hundreds of dollars a year on medications.

Armed with the 10 suggestions I’ve listed over the last week or so, it’s now time to lace up the running shoes, go for an annual check-ups and, most importantly, know the options you have for reducing health care costs.

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