Friday, October 2, 2009

Prevention, Prevention, Prevention

Lately I’ve been thinking of ways that people can save on health care. In my last entry, I mentioned two ways to lead a healthier life, to stop smoking and lose weight. By living healthier, you need the health care system less and therefore spend less on health care.

Other ways to save money by living healthier have to do with keeping tabs on your medical condition:

  • Make primary prevention a priority. Primary prevention is a proactive approach that helps cut costs by helping maintain good health in the first place. By keeping up with immunizations and going for regular check-ups you can take preventive measures to stop health problems before they have the chance to start and have a major impact on the price you pay for health care in the long run.
  • Take control with secondary prevention. If you can’t keep a health condition from arising, you can still fight the cost of its effects. Secondary prevention aims for early detection and interventions that slow the progression and onset of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Keeping up with screenings, never missing doctor visits and taking medications correctly will help minimize the cost of needing additional care.
  • Know your conditions. When you make the effort to listen to your doctors, take notes and fully understand your medical conditions, you are working together with your physicians to manage your illnesses more effectively and therefore cut costs.

More in a few days!

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